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December 11, 2013

The "Experts" Have Some Advice for McDonald's

In the mid-1990s, after the dual flops of Arch Deluxe and Campaign 55, reporters  were running around asking "What's wrong with McDonald's". After the Convenience Strategy failed in the late 1990s the same people were asking the same question. And now that sales increases are harder to come by the media is at it again.

And everybody's got an opinion:

Crain's Chicago Business asked five experts but only the last two had useful comments:

Five Ways to Revive McDonald's

And QSR Magazine asks "What's Going On at McDonald's?"

Of course, articles like this never get to any real solutions because they don't interview
McDonald's Operators.

This is an interesting quote from analyst John Gordon, "But McDonald’s may be 
approaching a point of … reaching our approximate sales plateaus. If you’re looking
at $2.6 million in terms of U.S. AUVs, McDonald’s is up nicely, but how much higher 
can it go practically in a nation with a million restaurants?”

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