Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 15, 2009

Espresso Under Pressure

I picked up some McCafe education today. I was first exposed
to the nasty language used to threaten McDonald's Operators
who may not be not fully implemented by the launch of McCafe.

Then I'm told that Franke is having problems processing and
delivering equipment. That's creating quite a vise squeeze
for Owner/Operators.

We can't fix the Franke problem from here but the best advice
is that Owner/Operators do everything they can to document
delays that are not their fault. If a vendor's website is
overwhelmed they can probably still receive E-mail. Or a fax.
Or a FedEx letter. Anything to create a paper trail proving
that the Operator made every effort to comply with the
implementation schedule.



Anonymous said...

but o/os will still get blamed for delays either individually or as a group

Anonymous said...

What we should do is to advertise the core prodcuts that McD customers love and get them in the door.

Anonymous said...

jan feilds is starting to panic. when we launch coffee there will be about 3K stores w/o McCafe.