Coalition of Franchisee Associations

January 20, 2009

Survey commissioned by Ad Age: Americans are Cutting Back on Fancy Coffee Because of the Economy.

"As might be expected, those who had trimmed the expense the most were in the lower of the survey's income brackets (48.6% earned between $20,000 and $39,000, and 33.6% earned below $20,000)."


Anonymous said...

My spec. coffee sales show this trend. We move good numbers (50 a day) when we give them away but then they go to 25 a day after the promo period if we're lucky. Corp says the target is 70 day but I've talked to operators across the country and nobody is actually selling that many units.

Anonymous said...

We are straying from our core business and another area will suffer from lack of attention.

Anonymous said...

what a GREAT time to roll out specialty coffee!