Coalition of Franchisee Associations

January 25, 2009

Cutbacks at Starbucks

The Seattle paper reports 1,000 jobs
to be cut at headquarters and in the field.

McDonald's releases 4th quarter results on Monday and
Starbucks on Wednesday.

Of course this week the media will play it like McDonald's
is stomping on Starbucks.

Yup, 4,000 McDonald's stores selling 30 or 40 specialty
coffees a day is hurting Starbucks worldwide. Kind of
like when the Arch Deluxe killed off the Whopper.



Anonymous said...

It's a good time to invest in Burger King and Wendy's! McDonald's USA will spend half of our advertising and marketing budgets pushing mccafe from spring 2009 through the winter of 2010. While we are trying to sell a product line that failed two years ago the other big guys are going to control the QSR agenda. It's a shame to waste our precious advertsing contributions. If I was Skinner Id retire fast, real fast!

Anonymous said...

The Street is recommending Burger King as as better bet for 2009. McDonald's is not keeping their eye on the basics of the business - Burgers, Fries, and soft drinks. How does one sell Lattes in Fargo or Deming?

Richard Adams said...

or Detroit MI or Overland Park KS