Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 11, 2022

Here Come the Thugs

The previous two topics are, of course, interrelated. 

Joint Employer creates a unionized situation.

Unionization makes Joint Employer a given.

That's why the same people are pushing for both initiatives.


Anonymous said...

UNIONS are a CANCER . Ever wonder why MCD sold most of their stores????

Anonymous said...

WHERE DOES MCD stand on UNIONS??? (crickets...)

WHY did we pay NFLA $75 a store to fight these battles (Unions, PACE, new Franchising rules,Archways split, broken VOICE promises, delivery fees, tech fees, sole sourcing, rent chart, etc) for us? (crickets...)

We need a Bill of Rights for Operators!

#Fire Chris & Joe

Anonymous said...

NOA is your ONLY advocate