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May 16, 2022

McDonald's to Russia - See Ya Later

McDonald's to sell Russian assets - CEO says "Until we meet again"


Anonymous said...

What happens to the individual operators massive investments? Will they be reimbursed?? Strangely, that was not included in Chris Ks system email.

Speaking of Chris' email, it makes me sick to my stomach when he uses the term "McFamily" as if he had anything to do with building it. And then he goes on to use "we" and "our" in discussing McDonalds history. Truly nauseating.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this correct.

McDonald's to sell assets in Russia and have a 1.2 to 1.4 Billion write off. Just days after Joe Erlinger sells of 1.468 Mil in Stock. Hey S.E.C. insiders knowledge?

Guess that shows how privileged he really is.

Anonymous said...

Remember paying all employees for the past few months for not working

But when operators & some TEAM members were hurting because of COVID there was no help &
it left some operators out to dry

CRIS should of been gone years ago - ZERO respect for him

he is an embarrassment to the REAL MCD SYSTEM RAY & FRED built

then in ORLANDO JOE said something like the future on MCD is not in the building WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN?
CRIS & HIM. or was he talking about 1,700 operators many of whom have been with the SYSTEM long before they
were even born?

PS - my average wage is over $16.00 a hour & am still understaffed - - I cannot afford to go any higher
PRICES - I have a $2.00 small fry - but still have the &1.00 drink

guests like up at Chick FA LA & IN & OUT for 1/2 hour then come to us for our DOLLAR DRINK - observe your DT LINE
at the front booth you will see their bags - come to us for the drinks - the other guests come to us 1st so their food
is hot

I got to get out of MCD before I say something to FIELD SERVICE that I should not say

There was a three legged stool many years ago - it’s long gone

KIND OF A JOKE - betters are already taking bets on the next Super Bowl teams
like to bet on the OVER / UNDER on CRIS being with MCD next June / I am hoping for the under a year




Anonymous said...

McD will take a 1.5 BILLION Dollar loss according to estimates. Guess who that loss will be transferred to??

Anonymous said...

Less than 1% of McDonald's market cap. The cost of one quarter dividend payout. All pocket change.

Anonymous said...

I just seen BRODY ALERT
10,000 expected to March on Chicago headquarters tomorrow

no sure this is a rumor or the real deal

If REAL DEAL this is the start of a firecracker 🧨 going off

very very concerned

CRIS will march with them

RICHARD do you have any information on this (your sources are 1,000 better than mine - I am just one little
very old operator that is just trying to survive in the new PACE MCD


Richard Adams said...

I've heard or seen nothing. What are they supposed to be marching about? Fight for Fifteen is pretty much obsolete. Not a big fan of marchers, demonstrators, or protesters. Chicago police have other things to worry about.