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May 2, 2022

Interesting CEO Pay


While putting together the aforementioned "market cap" numbers I  happened across the recently-released numbers for the CEO of Walmart. In their fiscal year 2022 he was paid $20.83 million. I thought that number sounded familiar. Sure enough, it's just a little more than McDonald's Corp. paid their CEO for the period of time.

Let's see, we've already established that MCD market cap is $188 billion while Walmart's market cap is $431 billion, more than twice the value of MCD.

But Walmart sales for fiscal 2022 were $572 billion, more than five times MCD system-wide sales of $112 billion.

Yet the CEOs make the same $$$?

There's another difference - Walmart's CEO began his career 30 years ago as an hourly paid teenager unloading Walmart trucks.

Activist investor Carl Icahn recently called compensation for McDonald’s execs “unconscionable” and said, "the board was condoning multiple forms of injustice."

Walmart CEO earns $20.83M in fiscal 2022 (


Richard Adams said...

Walmart's fiscal year is February 1st to January 31st so they call that 2022. McDonald's is on a calendar year so they call that comparable time period 2021.

Anonymous said...

Chris K is overpaid by AT LEAST Twenty Million Dollars

And JOE E should be FIRED!