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March 1, 2021

CEO Throws McDonald's Franchisees Under The Bus

 McCEO to crack down on sexual harassment


Anonymous said...

This, just like they will address national pricing too.

This 'NATIONAL PEOPLE' effort will take the system the step closer to JOINT EMPLOYER. And ill advised operators will gleefully flock toward it.

Too many NEXT GEN longing for the days they were a supervisor, not having the responsibilities of being independent business owner.

Anonymous said...

Not fair to blame Next Gens. Some of us are trying to fight the fight like seasoned operators. NFLA and NOA need to find a way to change Next Gen franchising rules to help us not have so much hanging over our head (i.e. - Next Gens are only approved 1 restaurant at a time except for special circumstances. This handcuffs the Next Gen and parent. If we don’t play the game the Succession plan we put together gets halted. If the parent is looking to retire, then and the child will be forced to “bend over” to have more stores approved in the organization). So let’s not say it’s Next Gens, it’s the process that is in place.

Anonymous said...

To the Next Gen franchisee, this is exactly what independent franchisee associations should be focused on as a top oropiority.

Let NOA know the importance of this, if they don’t already know. We invest in franchises to benefit our families.

Anonymous said...

The NOA is holding a Next Gen Leadership Summit in Santa Barbara this spring-summer. If you want change BE THERE!!!

Anonymous said...

NOA Next Gen Leadership meeting August 11-13 Santa Barbara Ca

NOA Member Meeting May 23 Washington DC

NOA Annual Meeting October 11-13 Denver CO

Anonymous said...

It is patently clear that the NOA are the only ones representing owners interests. Do not vote for anyone who is not a NOA member!!!

Anonymous said...

First, a business category is not a singularity, and discussions shouldn't be taken personally. Im sure there are a few good 2nd Gen, just like I know there's a few crappy operators. As well, not every corporate person is bad.

The expectation that 2nd generation be given their parents restaurants is a fallacy. The parent had to work the system, and birth shouldn't be an assumption of right of transition. A franchise is a business, not a heirloom. It doesn't get 'passed down' Generational.

Granted it would seem easier, and no owner wants to see their life work broken up. However, thats the true nature of the beast. As long as the franchisor has the 1st right of refusal, it will always remain that way.

A 2nd Gen gets their foot in the door, they still have to 'bend over', just as Mom and Dad 'bent over' building that business. Now granted, there is some serious politics that shouldn't exist in McDonaldLand. But thats as much the franchisees fault, as it is the franchisor.

You see that plain as day with the SLC trying to backstab the NOA. The franchisee battles, while vindictive, lack many of the other influencers and prejudices that corporate officers may being to the franchise game.

It should all be about 'shining the arches' and building brand trust, FIRST. Much of that philosophy is lost with newer generations, and completely lost in Corporate who KNOWS little of McDonald's history - and has zero experience in living it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry all Next Gens. It is not your right to become an Owner-Operator you have to earn it. Just like the rest of the franchisees. Each restaurant gained is individually franchised. One at a time is how we have all signed agreements. The franchising rules are the same for all, yes the corporation controls and makes the rules. Just because Mom and Dad are Owner-Operators and you have listened to them growing up does not make it genetic carry over.
The Owner-Operator community use to be a respected leg of the stool. The company has decided their leg is more important than any other leg. NOA and NFLA need to stop the BS and fight with the corporation on the insane financial changes they are planning. Pausing is not the answer making it public and broadcasting that we are not satisfied with the corporate leadership needs to be their most important cause.

Anonymous said...

Agree, the PAUSE was simply viewed by corporate leadership as a weakness. A unwillingness of operator leaders to pull the trigger on any more stringent action.

Walking away from the PAUSE, only reinforced that opinion further. Now complicating the matter further when corporate hand selects their own resources to audit themself.

Las Vegas Bookies are taking odds on how that finding is gonna end ... then what?

Now theres this anonymous operator group willfully touting surrender 'for the greater good' aka 'their own good'.

Interesting times to say the least.

Anonymous said...

No one says it’s a birth right to own Mom and Dad’s restaurants. You have to earn them. That is the beauty of the program. But the process that next Gens are only approved one restaurant at a time is different then registered applicants. They can gain patches of restaurants off the street. But if your organization disagrees with a McD plan, then your growth becomes stagnant and mom and dad can’t help their succession plan grows. If your results suck then you don’t deserve stores. Again, the process is setup to prevent passing to spoiled kids that never worked a day. But if your results are good enough to get approved but not good enough to grow because you don’t agree, that’s the problem. Talk to next Gens that all of a sudden can’t grow inside their organization. They will tell you. That’s the part that needs to change.

Anonymous said...

Please Note- Registration is now Open for the NOA 2021 Meetings.

Support YOUR NOA!

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion.. Can’t believe the abuse the NFLA takes. We all should be calling for a vote of no confidence on spero, Erlinger, Chris K and Hernandez. Enough is enough. We need to reach the stockholders.

Anonymous said...

Theres definately politics, but there is also the ability to grow your garden in a different patch.

Still, MCD leadership changes with the wind these days. Funny how restaurants require a 5 year plan, but MCD cant project longer than 6 months.

Where theres a will, theres a way. Sometimes it takes stepping out of the comfort umbrella to find it. Still, there are 'some' valid arguements over the succession abilities. Thought I still find many believe it as a RIGHT of passage... and typically, it doesnt work that way anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Chris K's comments recently on Sexual Harassment that seem to be more of an indictment on Owners than defending the brand,The vast majority of owners don’t have this problem , but Corp surely does. How many lawsuits has Chris K spawned by telling franchise employees to report allegations? This CEO is inept.

Anonymous said...

Chris K is a bottom feeding shyster, a class action lawyer’s best friend.