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November 9, 2020

The McDonald's System Invented Diversity

McDonald's veterans are universally proud of the system's track record on diversity and inclusion dating back to the 1960s. So most of these "McVets" are disappointed to see 
headlines and news articles such as the one below.

I don't have any internal insight but from 30,000 feet it's apparent that the new McDonald's 
CEO is attempting to make the case that he was handed a company rife with racism and he intends to bring in people who will fix the problem. He alone will valiantly expunge the Klansmen from McDonald's.

But any examination of the current problems will show that the complaints are about events 
that occurred during the Easterbrook/Chris K. regime.

Downsizing a company is a messy business and if not done properly it leaves a trail of angry 
and disappointed people. That's the work product of the past five years.

Steve Easterbrook couldn't have understood the culture of diversity in McDonald's USA 
because he spent his McDonald's career in Europe. Chris K. couldn't understand the culture 
of diversity in McDonald's USA because his business "knowledge" comes from sitting in the classrooms of liberal colleges. Then he rode around in corporate limousines for a few years 
before becoming President of McDonald's USA.

Not knowing what they didn't know management steamrolled ahead thinking they were making McDonald's Modern and Progressive.

As usual, in a franchise system, everything rolls downhill. McDonald's Owner/Operators can expect that they will be lectured and talked down to about these issues. And, ultimately, McDonald's Owner/Operators will be blamed for the problems. 

It's nice that these new folks have these good jobs but they will soon learn that the root of the problems they were brought on to address is the person who hired them.


Anonymous said...

Chris k is DESTROYING our history and culture!

Richard Adams said...

True, but only because you're letting him. You guys treat these corporate people like they own the company. They don't own anything. Does he even own his own home, does he own a car? When he became CEO it was controversial that he didn't even own one share of McDonald's stock.

And yet he's treated like he owns a company worth $160 billion.

From the NOA's Founding Principles, "Our Mission is to unify Owners to “Lead Together Again” and save our culture".

Sounds good, don't let the pajama boys get in your way!

Richard Adams said...

I'm thinking the corporation loaned him the money to meet the requirements:

Anonymous said...

Richard is completely right. Franchise owners aren’t just “operators.” Correct any corporate person that refers to any one of us as such!

Set the tone. Other franchisees in other systems have done this and run out incompetent or evil franchiser executives. It only starts with the language, but it has to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The NFLA has proven itself spineless and toothless. The only solution is to join and support organizations like the BMOA and the NOA. They are speaking out against discrimination and promoting diversity.

#replace MCD BOD


Anonymous said...

And now we get a new, no restaurant experience, Chief People Officer too.

Richard Adams said...

That's the whole idea.

Anonymous said...

Been saying it all along, if the operator leadership lacks a willingness to show its teeth - it will always get the boot up its butt. What better sign of unity to operators and their people than a NOA led cause like EVERY STORE IN THE USA closing at NOON on thanksgiving, and closing CHRISTMAS DAY.

Doubtful it will happen, they couldn't even crush a $1 ASD - but its worth mentioning anyways.