April 17, 2018

Chains That Victimize Franchisees Will Meet an Ugly End

Subway's closing stores may be the start of a downward spiral - Business Insider


Anonymous said...

"Once you keep pushing a low price point in the minds of the consumer, it's hard to sell sandwiches for what they're really worth," Stuart Frankel told Restaurant Business.


Anonymous said...

As the MCD SYSTEM celebrates its Worldwide Convention, and a nation reinvents its icons and superheros..

McDonalds quietly lay's its icon to rest.

RIP Ronald.

Richard Adams said...

Erasing the history of McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Our liberal Corporate culture at McD's removing "Ronald" is similar to the progressives, communists and the American-hating left removing historical statues all around the US like the Taliban and ISIS have done in the Middle East.