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August 24, 2017

Are There Going To Be Enough Uber Drivers?

McDonald's, Walmart To Partner With Uber


Anonymous said...

My first experience with UberEats/McDonald's: Got to my hotel room in downtown Denver around 10pm and ordered a hotcake and sausage. The food was about $3.89 plus about $4-$5 for Uber delivery(much cheaper than room service). The food was delivered very quickly from the closest McD's to the hotel lobby, hot and fresh. I quickly checked the bag for correct product and condiments and took it to my room to eat. Then I found there was only one thing missing: fork and knife! Unfortunately there was no one to call or complain to since neither Uber or McD's had a return phone number to call. So I ate the entire meal, including syrup and butter, with my God given utensils. I washed my hands and went to bed with a full tummy.

Anonymous said...

Update on UberEats/McDonald's order screw-up: I disputed charge on my credit card and was given full credit.