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June 22, 2017

Making The Big Bucks By Being Anti-Business

Someone here mentioned the contemptible Robert Gibbs and I realized I haven't heard 
much about him lately. It looks like he's still working in Oak Brook but I came across a 
new name, someone who was hired by McDonald's Corp. in February, one Genevieve 
"Genna" Gent.

For the past seven years, she's been working in government affairs for the American 
Beverage Association. That would seem to make her a good fit for a McDonald's job.

But wait, prior to the ABA she spent ten years working directly for Jennifer Granholm, 
then Democrat Governor of Michigan (2003-2010).

If you're not familiar with Jennifer Granholm you need to understand she was the 
Elizabeth Warren of that decade. If you don't follow politics just do a search for 
Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

Granholm was a Hilary Clinton supporter but with her movie star looks and being 12 
years younger, Granholm could have easily stolen the 2016 Democrat nomination from 
Clinton. Trouble is, Granholm was born in Canada.

The contemptible Robert Gibbs would have run into Genna Gent while he was working 
his way up the liberal ladder. It appears a large part of the Obama administration has 
occupied the government relations offices in Oak Brook.

Which brings me back to a question I often ask  - why are Operators contributing to the McDonald's national PAC?

McDonald's operators can't do anything about Oak Brook liberals hiring liberals but 
they can sure close their checkbooks when those liberals ask for political contributions.

Going back ten years the PAC gave 90% to Republicans and 10% to Democrats. Today 
that split is 60/40. Forty percent of Operator contributions are going to people largely supported by organized labor.

McDonald's Operators are contributing to these Democrats to enhance the career paths 
of liberals working in Oak Brook. That "seat at the table" is an electric chair.

You are the best judge as to how to spend your political money at a state and local level, 
but for the national PAC? Shut it down. You're sleeping with the enemy and paying for it.


Anonymous said...

Remember when Ray's mantra was "When the Operators make money, we all make money"? The corporation has strayed so far from this philosophy, they are convinced the O/O's only value is to subsidize their liberal leanings. Another case in point is the DC program to make the "rainbow" population feel good about themselves and McD. This serves only a small group at the cost of the hard working families we have relied on for so many years. Sad that liberal devolution has led to this.

Anonymous said...

I stopped giving to McPac years ago. I only give DIRECTLY to candidates I like, NOT PACs or political parties.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the publically disclosed PAC contribution list and your head will spin! A whole bunch of anti-business liberals, caucuses and organizations. From 1/15-12/16, they spent $668,000. Here's the list: