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June 16, 2017

Good Decision on the Olympics

Trouble is - should have been done in 1985

McDonald's nixes Olympics sponsorship after 41 years

When McDonald's lost big at 1984 Olympic Games? - LA Times

Anheuser-Busch InBev, Citigroup, Hilton, TD Ameritrade, and AT&T have all pulled 
out of the Olympic games in the last year.



Anonymous said...

Its ABOUT TIME. I have been calling for this for YEARS. It was only a beauty contest for marketing execs bragging rights !!

Anonymous said...

The suits will have to pay for their tickets to the games now. How sad!

Anonymous said...

Probably a good financial decision don't see the relationship between the sponsorship and driving profitable transactions to the restaurants. Could be different outside the USA as they probably pay a smaller portion and get a bigger return in the USA we get no value out of it that I can see.

Anonymous said...

Leading from behind but at least someone's done the right thing here.

Isn't that what we've always done? Last to everything. Maybe that'll change.