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January 29, 2016

McGriddles Going ADB?

McDonald's to Test Expanded All-Day Breakfast With McGriddle - ABC News


Anonymous said...

Making our kitchens more complicated (All Day Breakfast and Create Your Taste) will hurt sales in the long run. McDonald’s is run by people with little operations experience so they don’t understand the problem.

Anonymous said...

Griddles should be off the menu altogether let alone expanding into other day parts.

Anonymous said...

Many customers are frustrated about the limited menu. I am in a McMuffin market that
was almost evenly split, and I have customers furious that they cannot get biscuits.
They feel that it is a sham or false advertising. It doesn’t seem to matter to any of the
corporate leadership, but we have layered in complexity on our managers and crew at
a level where most owner/operators could not manage it.

Anonymous said...

Many customers have commented that it has led to them getting breakfast a little later
(weekends or just afraid of getting to the restaurant and not making the cutoff). It seems
very market dependent, but I have spoken to other franchisees very happy with the

Unknown said...
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