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May 29, 2014

Former McDonald's Operator In & Out of San Diego Smashburger Deal

Smashburger auction is postponed |


Anonymous said...

Smashburger has problems they cannot get topline sales up and their P&L's look horrible. Probably gone in five years unless they drastically change their business.

Richard Adams said...

I'm more interested in Lyfe Kitchen. Their success or failure will tell us two things:

1) Can former McDonald's corporate bureaucrats actually run a business?

2) Are consumers really interested in light eating or is that just focus group drivel?

Anonymous said...

I truly believe Mike Roberts is a sharp guy & has put together a stellar team for the Lyfe concept. I am not sure if that business has legs an looks to have a host of other issues an probably bleeding money right now. My predication though is he will walk away with millions they will open another 10, 20, 50….locations then sell out to an investment banker for millions. Who knows if it will ever be profitable.

Richard Adams said...

Well Lyfe is doing one thing right, just looked at their updated website and they McDonald's veteran Jim Rand doing their real estate research. Good choice, the guy knows his stuff!