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October 27, 2013

Restuarant Executive Admits Operations Are Too Complex

Chief Executive Ron Shaich said the chain (Panera) is experiencing "operational friction" that is limiting its ability to squeeze out higher sales.
"We are taking a number of deliberate steps to improve our operational capabilities and our competitive position,"
"we're looking at opportunities to reduce complexity in our production system and in our cafes."

Panera Bread sales at its own stores disappoint; stock falls | Reuters


Anonymous said...

Wish we had that kind of wisdom in Oak Brook.

Anonymous said...

At McDonald's there seems to be a total disconnect with the operational problems caused by way too much stuff
on the menu. National management acknowledges it but the divisions and regions assume it is just
poor operations by the operators and that there is never enough labor on. As a result, there is even more stress in our stores by our overworked managers.