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June 18, 2013

Former McDonald's Worker Sues Franchise for Paying Wages Via Debit Card

This is embarrassing for McDonald's but also makes JP Morgan Chase look greedy.


Anonymous said...

Franchisees that jumped on this vehicle was to eliminate the cost of associatiated with payrolls check and stopped at the part where "it's at no cost to the Operator." Perhaps the next logical question is what is the cost to the employee? I'm certain the employess doesn't appreciate the charge but I hardly think it puts them below minimum wage.

Richard Adams said...

While I'm sure some fees might be appropriate it's not fair to let the bank charge ATM fees for employees accessing their cash. My bank does not charge a fee at their ATMs. If they started doing so I would change banks. An employee in this program does not have that option.

Anonymous said...

and that option is chosen for them. Agreed.