Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 30, 2011

Where Are They Now ?

Russ Smyth, formerly President of McDonald's Europe spent a year at
H&R Block and is now CEO of the HAVI Group, owner of Perseco and
several other McDonald's suppliers. HAVI is also one of the owners of
the underground real estate empire (SCC).

Former McDonald's execs Tom Dentice and Ed Rensi are preparing to
open their third Tom & Eddie's.

Former McDonald's guys Mike Roberts and Mike Donahue are preparing
to open health food restaurant, Lyfe Kitchen.

Former McDonald's Executive VPs Pat Flynn and John Charlesworth
still sit on the Chipotle Board:

And you can help with our research. The owner of much of McDonald's
real estate, System Capital Corporation, is headed by a "Don Horwitz"
Is this the former McDonald's top attorney?

This chart links a director of SCC to the HAVI Group

SCC and the HAVI Group are both based in Downers Grove, Illinois,
across the freeway from each other, five minutes from Oak Brook.



Anonymous said...

Mc o/os need to know more about this SCC thing.

Richard Adams said...

We will summarize what we know, or think we know, and publish something to our E-mail list in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Richard how do we get on your email list. I check your site almost daily but it would be nice to get your emails too!

Anonymous said...

Talking about companies MCD has a financial interest in how about the mystery shop companies? Is any other MCD o/o getting hammered from the MCD about their mystery shop scores? Mystery shops alone are about to drive me out of the business. I believe MCD has full control over our scores.

Richard Adams said...

Send me an E-mail and we'll discuss getting on the list.