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September 17, 2010

Don't Ever Trust Social Media Numbers

As evidenced by this article contradicting
the numbers in a McDonald's internet promotion.

If you give away enough food every promotion
will "appear" to work. Article is HERE



Richard Adams said...

I've been watching the development of social media this year, particularly Twitter and Facebook - and have some comments.

As for Twitter, after watching McDonald's Operators, Co-Ops, and corporate use Twitter I've formed the opinion there is little
potential to build sales or reach
a large humbler of people with Twitter. I originally thought Twitter might be a way to reach
current and potential employees but the demographics don't work since that age group are not using
Twitter but are texting or on Facebook.

McDonald's Corporation has a couple of interns Twitting out of Oak Brook and that's fine and about as much attention as Twitter deserves.

The very powerful Facebook is another story. The users go up and down the demographic scales. First off, Facebook should be a great recruiting tool if only you are linking back to your McState page.

I have two cautions for McDonald's Owner/Operators:

1) There is a lot of potential for branding and copyright problems with Facebook (or anything on the internet). You are not just
using the brand name, logo, the local paper but putting it out for the entire world to see and abuse. I would think corporate management has a lot of concerns in this area.

2) Social media should cost almost nothing to perform. There are thousands of "experts" in social media trying to sell their
services to companies large and small. Many of these folks are displaced ad agency people. Anyone who is charging you more than
a few dollars here and there to manage your social media activities is taking advantage. Be wary of the "experts" in this brand new, and constantly changing industry.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog. I'm 48. I'm an O/O that's been around the business for a long time. I frequently seek my college age children's advice on marketing. Based on my children and wife's input, social media, including Twitter is a current and viable medium to access an entire generation and females. Surely, you aren't suggesting that we should not reach out to a younger generation and females on the medium of their choice?

Richard Adams said...

Please check my comments again. I come to three conclusions:

1) Social media is important but needn't be rushed.

2) Facebook good - Twitter a waste of time

3) There is a lot of potential for Owner/Operators to waste a lot of money hiring experts in this area.

I come to these conclusions after viewing thousands of "tweets" by McDonald's corporate, O/Os, and Co-Ops and running a couple of my own Facebook pages for over a year.

I also have kids in college and they've been on Facebook since Jr. High and they spend entirely too much time texting. But they and their friends have no use for Twitter, I think it's because they enjoy the privacy of texting and see no reason to tell the rest of the world what they're doing.

Summary - there are lots of experts eager to spend your money on social media with little ROI.

Thanks for your comments!

Richard Adams said...

Here's an good Cnet article on gen Y
and social media.