Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 6, 2010

Are You Entrepreneur Enough to Have Equity?..... Part Two

Friends of Franchise Equity Group Should watch your E-mail
for the second of three installments expressing our opinion
about the changing equity position of McDonald's franchisees.



Anonymous said...

There is a unanimous feeling that the 1-2-5 plan is moving at an extremely fast pace. It’s a lot happening at one time and is a strain on cash flow. We are committed financially well into the future. Things are fine now but if sales slow or take a down turn the operators could find themselves in financial danger/ hardship.

Anonymous said...

Operators agree that we need to be contemporary but we have to be smart about it. It is a lot of risk for the operators and the rewards are very unbalanced. Company gets a better and guaranteed return. Corp needs to put more skin in the game and we will all win. That collaboration would make all of us winners and paralyze the competition.