Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 17, 2010

So Much For Profits on the Dollar Menu !

What ever happened to the idea that the
$1.00 menu made sense because of the add-on
profits of drinks and fries?

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Anonymous said...

Profits are not part of the equation anymore. its all bout customer counts doesnt matter if the average check is going throu the floor.

Anonymous said...

Hey, stop blaming McDonald's and the Ad Agencies. It is the Operators who vote these crap/margin loss promotions in. They even do it with a written ballot. So much for the entrepreneural spirit. These Operators are afraid.

Richard Adams said...

Hey, I wouldn't argue with
that statement - except to
explain that I for one don't
blame the agencies because,
like OPNAD, they are simply
taking orders from Oak Brook.
The agencies are irrelevant.

I don't have the dubious
pleasure of attending
Co-Op meetings but do hear
an endless number of stories
about the corp. and the
agencies coming to
meetings with only one
plan and no alternative
to vote for, not much
creativity in that!

But you are right, it's the
fear that if you don't
vote like the RM wants
you to vote you'll be
put into IPUR.