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March 19, 2009

Of Course, Liberalism Is Also Thriving in McDonaldland

I'm sure few McDonald's Owner/Operators have ever heard
of this guy but Bob Langert is an Oak Brooker in charge
of CSR. His job is to get in bed with all the special interest
groups that want to tell multinational companies how to
conduct their business.

This is the proverbial "camel's nose under the tent" problem
where - after making all of the concessions to their imaginary
issues that McDonald's has made - they now intend to step
up efforts against the beef industry.

But to keep his job Langert has to take these people
seriously and continue to allow concessions that are paid
for by Owner/Operators.

Meanwhile, one of the high points of his life was floating
down the Amazon with members of Greenpeace?

Fast Company magazine profiles Langert HERE

And on the McDonald's CSR website you can read about
the "Life Lessons From a Cow Whisperer" (No joke)



Anonymous said...

This is DISGUSTING. Oak Brook should can this guy and his department saving probably $1mm, and ignore the Enviro-whackos who will NEVER be satisfied until all we sell is salads and go broke.

Anonymous said...

This caracter must be the Tim Gietner (Treas, Sec) of McDonaldland--clueless!