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March 26, 2009

McCafe is "Operator Driven" ?

Article from AdAge

McCafe "exceeding my expectations" says 2nd Gen Operator in this QSRWEB article



Richard Adams said...

Nah, they're not idiots. Most run pretty good stores. It's just that many 2nd generation Operators function like company employees. After trying to emulate their parents and at the same time please
the corporate bureaucrats they have
little time to think entrepreneurialy.

Anonymous said...

even in the future, McCafe will
remain a pain in the b...
it is simply only a piece of an expensive jewlery, which also cost
money to maintain (only for O/O)
I have a high volume McCafe you can take it from me

Anonymous said...

this is so much like mfy. nobody would tell the truth about
the roll out of mfy for fear of getting in trouble with greenberg's
people. mchistory is repeating itself.

Anonymous said...

Mc Cafe, MFY , C55, Hula Burger, McDLT , the Emperor has NO CLOTHES.