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November 7, 2008

McCafe Xenophobia

The first major test for specialty coffee was in the
state of Michigan beginning in 2006. Michigan was chosen
because of the planned expansion of Tim Hortons from
Canada into the USA. Those plans did not work out as
Hortons' management envisioned.

Read about Tim Hortons' lack of progress HERE



Anonymous said...

I just made a road trip of one of the markets that is about 2/3s done with the CBB rollout. As a 25 yr o/o I've done a lot of remodeling and the work done on the CBB booths is horrible. Unacceptable by former mcd standards. the work looks like they had one of their high school employees do it in shop class. The system is really getting ripped off by Bovis and its sub contractors.

Richard Adams said...

I saw the same thing in Kansas City last week. Every store seems to have defects in tile work or missing pieces of trim or misaligned panels. The work is probably not up to McDonald's standards because the Owner/Operators were not involved with the contractor or the sub-contractors. The punch lists will probably be completed in time for the next round of reimaging.

Anonymous said...

The push for the CBB expansions is the same motivation that Corporate McDonalds pushed with the ever expanding Angus plans. It was, as most service companies and us mechanics agree, not made to sell Angus. It was put in place to force O/O's to buy new grills to accept new products and to upgrade aging equipment; Angus is a "bonus", if you will.