Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 12, 2008

McDonald's spokesman Bill Whitman: same-sex marriage opponents motivated by hate

When did McDonald's corporate PR people
become political activists?



Anonymous said...

As a company employee and o/o Ive known Jim Skinner for 30 years in fact I talked with him at the world wide and I
know in my heart he is not behind this. He is maybe powerless to stop it. It scares me that this makes me think he's not in
the control all think he is and there might be sinister forces behind the scene pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

Contacted my NLC rep. He says issue came up on recent conference call, but McD did not recognize it as a serious issue so nothing is going to be done about it. If the AFA boycotts us, that 20,000,000 FAMILIES we lose. What on earth is Oak Brook thinking?? We need to stay NEUTRAL on all political, social and environmental issues. Whats next, McD endorsing Obama?

Anonymous said...

In case the Big M plans to ignore this, they should look back at the effect a similar boycott had on Ford Motors, before they finally gave in to their public.

Anonymous said...

McDonld's PR / Communications department has really gone downhill, probably starting when they brought in that Rich Ellis from the Canadian operations.

McDonald's engagement and management of PR, communications, stakeholders has really slid.

It seems like they cause more controvery than they fix.