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March 1, 2008

OPNAD $$$ for Specialty Coffee? Already?

While visiting a popular political site I came
across a banner ad for McDonald's coffee. Clicked
on it and went to a full website advertising McCafe
and all five Specialty Coffees.

I found no mention on this site of the fact that
these drinks are available in less than 10% of USA
McDonald's stores.

On Thursday Jan Fields sends out a letter complain -
ing about consistency in the burrito giveaway and
yet Owner/Operator money is being spent on advertising
a product line that 90% of your customers can't buy?

Someone needs to pay attention to where Oak Brook
is spending OPNAD's money. Not to mention Oak Brook's
decision to confuse and disappoint a few million
McDonald's customers.

Your McCafe website is here:

McCafe Website



Richard Adams said...

If I missed some info on the McCafe website or a disclaimer on where the drinks are available please send me an E-mail. Such qualifiers will probably show up on Monday (March 3) afternoon but that will still leave the question of why Operator money is being spent in this fashion?

Blunders such as this are proof that Operators are spending too much on advertising.

Richard Adams said...

There is a "Find a store near you" link on the McCafe site but it takes you to the standard store locator from the McDonald's website. I typed in zip codes for various stores that don't have McCafe and there is no mention of specialty coffee one way or another. Implication to the customer? All 14,000 USA store have the product.

Anonymous said...

Talk about false advertising.

Anonymous said...

Our marketing people have lost all touch with reality. I think this is one way they intend to put pressure on o/os to put in the mccafe but all it will do is make customers unhappy.
Lose lose.

Patrick Grady said...

We are doing directional signs for local McDonald's owners to shore up the FREE COFFEE MONDAY promotions. Check out the signs at