Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 25, 2008

Hard to Believe but ...

the Quiznos franchisees are
asking how much the parent
company makes on services
and supplies from the
approved vendors. What a
concept - actually trying
to find out where their
profits are going!

This article has a link at the bottom for a
.pdf copy of the letter the Quiznos franchisees sent to the CEO.



Anonymous said...

SADLY McD operators have neither the smarts or the ***** to challenge Oak Brook like this.

Richard Adams said...

I disagree - they possess the smarts.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody realize that our franchisee agreement calls for McDonald's to provide (at no cost) all training materials? We are charged for seed store training materials. The training materials are sent via our suppliers and are not optional! Because the cost is small, our NLC rep is unwiling to bring this to the attention of McDonald's ... we are a penny profit business and every penny should be protected!