Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 15, 2024

Maze on $5.00 meal

Jonathan Maze updates progress of negotiations

"McDonald’s then returned with a different proposal, one that featured incentives from Coca-Cola, the company’s beverage provider. That assuaged many operators’ concerns about profitability. The proposal also has carve-outs for higher-priced markets, enabling them to run the promotion at a higher price.

The National Owners Association, an independent group of McDonald’s operators, praised Coca-Cola for providing the financial assistance."............

"But the group also said it felt McDonald’s should step up financially, too."


Richard Adams said...

Doesn't Coke get all that back when negotiating the next contract with the McDonald's system?

Anonymous said...

Coke willget it back in the syrup prices. Don't worry about KO