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July 23, 2014

McDonald’s Points Finger

McDonald’s points finger at marketing for sales shortfall | QSRWeb

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Anonymous said...

WALMART is now on the same glide path to self-destruction as K-Mart took ever since they walked away from Sam's smart, family business sense. Now, it's all about whiny shareholders losing a few pennies... not about the folks who support that business. Fine... internet shopping is a viable alternative and I can shop & compare... and beat WALMART prices, quality and experience nearly everytime... and they ship it to me!

BOTTOM LINE: When a business is disloyal to its customers (slow service due to overcrowded menus, higher prices due to unreasonable reinvestment demands,etc)... they have a very LONG memory. They may return for a few items, but you are no longer their PRIMARY store of choice. And for what? Bigger payouts for Shareholders? You cannot sustain unreasonably high Corporate profits without end... a huge correction is needed to reset expectations... and it's coming.