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January 10, 2013

Another Advertising Agency Sells Out McDonald's

Next time you scan over the threatening legal message at the bottom of every memo
from McDonald's management consider the following.

I often get calls from reporters who cover the advertising industry and are looking for
the latest in proprietary marketing information. Since I don't have such information I 
can't help them but am always floored by what they already know about McDonald's. It 
quickly becomes obvious they are confirming leaks of information from members of 
OPNAD, Oak Brook marketing, or one of the ad agencies. In my experience 99.9% of
McDonald's marketing leaks come from the agencies.

These reporters spend much of their day chatting up the people at major ad agencies. 
As we know, agency people are only loyal to their next job offer at their next shop. 
One way to advance their careers is to have good connections at the most important publications in their industry.

But the article linked below is not just a leak, it's a press release from the agency! If
McDonald's Operators want to stop marketing leaks they need to clamp down on the ad
agencies, or reduce the number of agencies.

McDonald's Will Relaunch The Big Mac - Business Insider:

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