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July 4, 2011

McDonald’s $80,000 Twitter Ad Spend That Failed

While the writer of the article posted below certainly has an attitude
there is something risky about a brand such as McDonald's trying to
develop a Twitter marketing strategy. Imagine if the New York Co-Op
installed a huge digital billboard in Times Square. Then imagine that
anyone, anywhere can use their smart phone to post messages on the
billboard. And, there was no editing or screening of these posted
messages. Can you imagine what would happen?

But that's Twitter. The internet is what it is and people are free to say
whatever they want about any brand. It just shouldn't be happening
on a corporate sponsored site.

McDonald’s $80,000 Twitter Ad Spend That Failed - AllTwitter


1 comment:

Richard Adams said...

Another indication that Operators are giving OPNAD too much money to waste.