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November 5, 2010

Peak Hour Performance

I've been hearing a lot about lunch
peak hour at McDonald's. However,
there does not appear to be much
Mcmanagement concern about menu

As a McD veteran I see frustration on the faces of McDonald's
crew and management trying to handle a menu growing to infinity
and beyond. And, as a customer I am victimized by other confused
customers who take forever ordering either because the menu is
too complicated or the menu board is complicated.

Since so many McDonald's executives lack operations experience
(or have conveniently forgotten what they once knew) the only
solution to this problem is franchisee activism. There was once an
Operator group that dealt with such in-store challenges.

It was called the NOAB.
Ah ... good times!


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Richard Adams said...

From the 1st Quarter 2003 McDonald's earnings conference call: Management was asked about simplifying the operation. Their response – “A number of markets are testing comprehensive program that optimizes and simplifies operations. This program includes such things as fewer sizes of drinks and fries, fewer Extra Value meals, simplified pricing, streamlined merchandising, and an intensive hospitality Training.”

Seems that the reverse of all that actually happened?