Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 17, 2010

Breakfast Average Check

Is everyone watching their numbers? One of the largest
Co-Ops in the country showed a $.39 decrease in breakfast
average check for the first week of February with a 3.1%
increase in breakfast sales and a 10.9% increase in TCs.

Of course these are numbers provided by the region so
the decline in the average check could be worse or your
mileage may vary.

If the new catch phrase is "Customer Recovery" that fall
in the average check might show there are some customers
you just can't afford to recover.



Richard Adams said...

I don't have total sales numbers but noodle on this: In the same Co-Op for the same period regular menu sales were down <1.6%>. Considering the larger sales dollars of the regular menu (70%?)that's not enough to keep total sales positive with only a 3.1% increase at breakfast. Somebody let me know if that's not a correct assumption.

Anonymous said...

lowering the avg check is not good for o/os or mcd shareholders