February 11, 2008

Rolling the Dice on CBI

When the NLC convened in Kansas City they
were shown five stores in which to study
CBI. I hope the members got out on their
own and visited other stores to see what's
really happening.

This kind of stagecraft brings back memories
of the 1986 Owner/Operator convention in
Las Vegas. The theme was "Operation Pride" -
a major remodel program. At the time the
Las Vegas market was 100% McOpCo so to sell
Operation Pride McDonald's Corp remodeled
many of the stores with various options and
conducted bus tours for convention attendees.

Problem was - McOpCo went broke doing the
remodels. Within a few years the market was
entirely refranchised - McOpCo was gone.

So it doesn't work to dummy-up a group of
stores with an ill advised initiative, no
matter how bad Oak Brook wants it.

A McOpCo market can go broke and McDonald's
survives. Not so with Owner/Operators.