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April 14, 2008

Poultry In Motion

I'm happy that McDonald's has a Southern Chicken sandwich
similar to the Chick-fil-A product. I've always enjoyed eating
at Chick-fil-A but my kids are both allergic to peanuts and the
product is fried in peanut oil. No matter what the "experts" say
a parent who has kids with peanut allergies NEVER takes that
risk. Both the kids enjoy the McDonald's sandwich.

As a customer, the McDonald's sandwich is smaller and the
Chick-fil-A sandwich is too big to even fit into the box for the
McDonald's product. It'll be interesting to see how people in
non-Chick-fil-A markets react to this unusual sandwich.



Anonymous said...

We developed the ss chick sandwich in Atlanta. We used pressure cookers. We had a quality product that put Chicl-Fil-A on notice. We had great sales results, it put our region #1 in the country, untill menu management reformulated the chicken and took away the pressure cookers. Now we are back to the same old Crispy/crappy chicken. Good luck on the national roll out.

Anonymous said...

We Just rolled out the SS Chicken. I am not as impressed with the product as I was when I had it in Atlanta. Great Job Atlanta! Menu Management-- Leave the Test Kithen for a few days and come see where the real work is done.

Anonymous said...

I agree the SS chicken sandwhich developed in Atlanta was a true challenger to the gold standard at Chick-fil-a.
The current sandwich is very bland and tasteless. We should never compromise taste, especially when the cook time has the potential to grind service times to a halt.

Anonymous said...

MM yanked the pressure cookers because the operators on NLC (for once) complained about COST.

Anonymous said...

Be carefull when you hear CBB
numbers from Bakersfield CA.

There are only 30 stores in Bakersfield and 25 are on CBB.

The market has 23 Starbucks. It's nothing like the larger co/ops or
the entire state of michigan.

Anonymous said...

I'm selling the SSC product, and I'm impressed with the sandwich. Its about a 3rd larger than the Chik-Filet next door, and I can't tell and disernable difference. However I think our food cost is too high, and the Chik-filet lowered their price 20 cents