Coalition of Franchisee Associations

January 9, 2008

Business Week also gets it right

Business Week headline:

"Adding specialty coffee stations
to its restaurants could reap specialty
profits. But adding such complexity to
a simple system has its risks"

These magazine reporters understand
McDonald's better than the bureaucrats
in Oak Brook!



Richard Adams said...

BW says:

"McDonald's points out that
it has 18 months to iron out
the kinks as it expands spec -
ialty coffee to all 14,000
U.S. locations."


That's right - dump it in
the stores and let the Operators
figure it out - sounds more like
MFY every day.

Anonymous said...

The people in my co/op do not trust the motives of the corp in the new coffee program.The test performance
is so poor. Why are they pushing ahead so fast?

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a hard
sell for the company once real
numbers are offered for CBI
after the initial roll out

With Jan Fields hitting the
road this winter, the full
court press has started.

Anonymous said...

Specialty coffee could be done
for 1/3 the cost. The sales
don't justify remodeling the
whole store. good item...
just way too expensive to
put in. And I have had it
for several months and do
better than average with my
sales of it.

Anonymous said...

This CBI thing is a train wreck.
I have never seen anything so
expensive and unproven crammed
down our throats with so little