April 2, 2023

NOA: Franchisee Action Needed

We've been asked to encourage McDonald's Owner/Operators to watch their E-mail for a call to action from the NOA Board. The Board is encouraging Operators to submit their comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the topic of non-compete clauses in franchising. The E-mail contains a brief summary of the issues, suggested talking points, and contact information.

Couldn't be easier - your deadline is April 19, earlier if you are mailing your comments.


Shaun G said...

Why do cashiers and fry cooks need no-compete clauses included in their at-will employment agreements?

Anonymous said...

It is simple. Please do this!

Anonymous said...

NOTHING is more important than this.

Do you like how your franchisor is treating you????

Anonymous said...


It doesnt apply at all to cahiers and cooks. Its about how MCD and other franchisors prohibit a owner from earning a living in the same industry after the franchise expires.