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February 6, 2018

Warren Buffett’s New Man at Dairy Queen

This full article is behind the WSJ paywall but this quote is interesting:

"Dairy Queen says its relationship with franchisees has strongly improved in recent years. 
Mr. Bader, who was the company’s chief operating officer in the U.S. and Canada before succeeding John Gainor  as CEO, has worked closely with many of the franchisees. “I can 
call him in the middle of the night and he answers,” said Riz Momin, a Georgia-based franchisee who owns about 15 stores. In disagreements, he said, “Troy doesn’t like to use 
his power. He just goes in and convinces people.”

How Warren Buffett’s New Man at Dairy Queen Plans to Keep a Classic Brand Fresh - WSJ

If the article comes out from behind the paywall we'll post a new link.



Anonymous said...

I am truly tired of hearing that the Franchisees adopted the plan at a 99% level. While
factually that is true, the lawyers had written it so tightly I felt like I had no choice and I am considered a Preferred Operator.

Anonymous said...

I also am considered a Preferred Operator and Wholeheartedly agree with the above statement. I did not need the Value platform I have been up every year for the last 15. I do not need the Kisoks or delivery because we are so rural. What I do need is a Field Ronald Program, cut out the bottom 25% of non selling items, I-Pad to take D/T orders at Peak periods, WiFi and Technology that works, Less McD. actions that make me feel like an employee and not an Entrepreneur, and finally Grill / Food procedures that work together, not at odds with each other.

Anonymous said...

Corporate is making 100% of the decisions with little feedback from franchisees. They had better be 90% right about everything or we are all in trouble

Anonymous said...

No more alignment with franchisees, it’s all top down.

Anonymous said...

Why do we elect the same people over and over again to represent franchisees interests? 20% truly represent us the other 80% have their own agenda. Stop electing O/O's that have never represented franchisees best interest. Blame yourself not the corporate leaders they are just listing to your O/O leadership who is telling them how great they are doing, great program etc. next meeting you go to look at who representing you.