January 27, 2017

Unions Target Puzder

33 labor complaints just dropped in front of Trump's labor secretary pick


Anonymous said...

The following sentence from the article is key :

On Thursday, workers from CKE Restaurants, which owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., filed 33 complaints against franchises of the company, which is run by Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Labor.

The suits are against CKE/Hardees FRANCHISEES, not Puzder.
Deceptive Liberal exaggerations.

Anonymous said...

Don't they understand that is why he was picked!!

What kind of person would Hillary have picked? It would be the person the unions wanted. She was their "joint employer".

people who write articles like that just demnstrate ignorence.

To the winner go the spoils!!

Richard Adams said...

Not ignorance, it's liberalism (but I repeat myself). We can expect 90% of the reporting on minimum wage or joint-employer issues will be from a left wing point of view. Especially articles on websites such as Yahoo. Most are written and edited by millennials who personally think that minimum wage should be a "living wage" and people should be able to buy a house, two cars, and raise three kids on their job at McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

I agree. capitalism that created the greatest country in the world and an economy that has been more inclusive than anything known is no longer respected and "profit" is becoming a term used to express some kind of evil or enslavement. Millennials who have benefited so much from capitalism have such unrealistic expectations about entitlement and about how "profit" is used to provide the lifestyle many have enjoyed throughout their lives. I have talked to many. They, for the most part, are smart, well educated and well motivated but in many ways just plain stupid. I don't understand how they have grown to think the way they do. Maybe they just got things too easy and working was something they were never forced or needed to do. It is disgusting.