November 19, 2015

London's Version of CYT Gets Reviewed

McDonald's New Premium 'Signature' Burgers: Are They Good? - Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

We have been saying this for YEARS !!! "the patty is dry as hell. There's not enough fat and the grain of the meat feels woolly. It needs an awful lot more fat to make a good burger and (as is always the way with McDonald's) it's well done.There's 30 percent fat in a good burger. This is probably 10 percent. We went through a period in the '80s and '90s and later when we cut the fat but fat is flavor and juice and moisture."

WHY wont Oak Brook LISTEN ???????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh. Angus and McDLT all over again?

Anonymous said...

Fat has not been "politically correct" with the food critics and nutritution wonks. Instead of listening to our customers all those years we let interest groups tell us what to sell. That is a fact. Unless changed recently our meat patties have been 15% fat which is not near enough to produce a good meat flavor.