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August 2, 2015

Untruths from "McD Truth" on Twiitter

It is my impression that few McDonald's Operators make use of Twitter. That's fine, 
Twitter's usefulness as a marketing tool is limited. But Oak Brook's found a novel use 
for the platform.

Last year an anonymous Twitter handle popped called "McD Truth". This person 

goes back and forth between sounding like a corporate employee and/or a McDonald's 
Operator. He follows various reporters and analysts who cover McDonald's and leaks 
tidbits of information. Since the people he follows think he might be an Operator they 
pay attention, desperate as they are to communicate with a real McDonald's Operator.

But the long term pattern shows him to be a corporate puke trying to manipulate and 

mislead MCD Watchers.

And it looks like he's been instructed to put out the message that McDonald's
are to be scapegoats for the system's problems.

This weekend McD Truth posted the following tweet:


McD Truth (@McD_Truth) | Twitter: "Looking fwd on Mon. Internal webcast on changes
and promotions by U.S. Mgmt. Soft sales isn't purely Corp fault, Zees op's can be blamed 

This can only mean that McDonald's Operators are about to be pressured and blamed. If 
they don't go along with management's plans any lack of a "turnaround" will be their fault.

For those who participate in the web cast - your anonymous comments are welcome here.


Richard Adams said...

Given Twitter's limitations many abbreviations are used and "Zee" = franchisee.

Anonymous said...

looked at his tweets, gotta be somebody from oak brook.

Anonymous said...

I am more of a no vote after the webcast. In all honesty, I may be looking to get out and do something else. The people presenting (including Wrecking Ball Andres) seemed not enthusiastic. I talked to several operators afterward that were on the fence, and they had changed to a solid no. They (like me) just felt that the corporation was lethargic on this. We need to hire CEOs who have made brands great like Sally Smith (Buffalo Wild Wings) or Patrick Doyle who helped Domino's get relevance again. We keep getting people who have never really had the helm and don't know what to do when they get there.

Co-ops need to vote no on this!!!!!!' Start talking to your fellow operators again and let them know that this is not the right direction for our company. I have posted several times before, but how do we stand up as one and fight back to make this company was when it started with its mission statement. Our new mission statement is we'll sell whatever you want, but don't expect good or fast or friendly. People are "not lovin' it."

Anonymous said...

There was a lot of stuff on the Web Cast. But I am not convinced that the 4 items that McD wants to Partner on is the Correct way to go,

The Digital Menu Board - is not Partering but my money. Is this just a Fancy New Toy. What will this really Change???

Taste Crafted Bundles - will this truly give the customer what they want or just make a overly burdensome system to it's breaking Point??

Dual Point 1.0 - this is something that is a Joke. I have yet to see this be any better than what we have now. Why Change to something that is not Superior.

All Day Breakfast - this is the only thing that has any promise. But my fear is that McD will not be able to leave it simple. They will require addition after addition after addition and that will be what breaks the Camel's Back.

I am not sure this is a good thing, the more So Called Partnering we get the the less control we have. I do not believe the NLC or OpNad has thought this out at all. Seems like we have been sold down the river again.

I was at MLM - I did not hear any Excitment for anything, just the opposite a lot of people sitting on their hands.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't work as they say it will, What then? Is there an exit plan with a replacement promotion of any kind. These people sound like real inexperienced kids. I hope it works but if it doesn't we will continue to be the laughing stock of the industry. Then what?? This is not leadership.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable webcast…..Deborah Wahl just kept regurgitating how other QSR’s spend a bigger percent of their advertising budget on national value message; she wants more money for OPNAD she seems more and more like a politician “send us your money we know how to spend it better than you and your CoOp’s”. A national value message or I should say price point is just crazy as the cost of doing business is different everywhere in the country. If they want to advertise one price point then have one royalty / rent structure across the country.

So all that these folks have up their sleeve is ADB (because customers are asking for it?); I maybe have 2-3 customers ask for breakfast from 10:30-11am how many more customers are we really going to pick-up the rest of the day? We are a burger company and it takes 1.5 years to make a better burger crazy….

Menu simplification should take place prior too or the same time as rolling out ADB

Some things I did like:
That menu simplification matrix was pretty cool complexity, vs sales and profitability of products. I do agree with the fact there is a lot of marketing ability with digital menu boards it is undeniable.

As for McD truth on twitter are we really paying someone to send out these tweets? McD truth has around 200 followers an insignificant amount I can send out a tweet to my employees and have a bigger impact as I have far more than 200 employees .

Richard Adams said...

Digital Menu Board - Having OPNAD paying for restaurant equipment is kind of like the
taxpayers who brag about getting a large tax refund from the IRS. It's your money and
they're just letting you keep a little bit of it.

Taste Crafted Bundles (or Chef Crafted, or whatever it's called this week) - I have
not seen this in action but from what I've heard it's a far better idea than the idiocy
behind CYT.

Dual Point - Speaking as your customer - stores that have Dual Point are offering a
much better experience than the "pick a line" stores. This should have been done 15 years
ago concurrent with the roll-out of Made For You.

All Day Breakfast - Not a silver bullet. I'm thinking folks will try an Egg Mc Muffin
for lunch a few times as a novelty and then forget about it. That's when Oak Brook will
want to expand the ADB menu and, as you say, break the camel's back.

If the justification is: "All Day Breakfast will give our customers what they have wanted
for decades" any idea can be taken too far. Lunch customers will undoubtedly ask for
breakfast products not on the ADB menu and will not understand when you say no.

Partnering - It's interesting to watch McDonald's become more socialistic as it matures.
That happens with older nations and it happens with older, large cities. Perpetually
re-elected politicians and the bureaucrats they employ take over and the people paying the
bills have less and less to say about their future. It looks like this also happens with
mature franchise systems.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point about mature franchise systems!!

Anonymous said...

They're not socialistic, they're
autocratic, modern and progressive.