April 29, 2015

California McDreamin'

The California Central Coast Co-Op is well into the launch of TasteCrafted sandwiches.

While it does not appear that this platform will simplify operations or speed up service
it is certainly more logical than CYT.

McDonald's Operators are probably way ahead of me on this but could it be that the plan
is to put CYT in stores without a drive-thru and TasteCrafted in traditional free standing stores? 

Or, God forbid, put both platforms in free standing stores? Talk about confused customers!

Maybe this will be part of the news on Monday.
Bloomberg reports HERE

The Central Coast Co-Op's TasteCrafted website is HERE


Anonymous said...

The Turnaround Summit was the perfect opportunity to revitalize O/O’s by offering solutions to financial and operational problems today however they completely blew that opportunity. Instead of acknowledging and solving the real problems facing us today, they chose to pretend that everything is normal and to look at what the restaurant of the future will be. It seemed to me that they could have gained our respect and re-ignited our enthusiasm by giving somewhere, something…anything. Many owners are in REAL trouble as a result of THEIR failed leadership and ideas. Our job is to own and operate great restaurants and their job is to keep us relevant and in front of the competition…to lead the industry.

Anonymous said...

Nothing would ignite O/O’s more than to lower rent and service fees. This would not only help to solve our problems but it would be an acknowledgement that we REALLY are all in this together. As it stands right now, the only ones who are participating in the downward spiral of our financial model are the ones who actually operate stores.

Anonymous said...

This taste crafted STILL does not address the real problem which is we overcook our beef and turn it into rubber in a too hot (185 degree) holding cabinet. And we use 10-1's when everyone else uses 8-1 patties.