February 28, 2013

RIP Angus Third Pounder

It's nice to see Oak Brook beginning to work on menu simplification.

Say Goodbye. These 3 items are being discontinued from the McDonald's Menu:
All Angus Burgers, Chicken Selects and...
Burger Business Reports:


Anonymous said...

Since when do operators announce Menu changes??

Anonymous said...

Or is that o/o now in big trouble?

Anonymous said...

Considering that that operator just violated his franchisee agreement those are probably the next stores that will be for sale. His comments made national headlines.

Richard Adams said...

I've been on Twitter for four years. Long enough to learn that it's a ticking time bomb for a franchised brand like McDonald's.

If I were an Operator my organization would not be using Twitter.

If I was a powerful Oak Brooker I'd discourage or prohibit Operators from using Twitter.

Oak Brook has a few interns Tweeting for the brand and that's enough.

More on this later.

Anonymous said...

We need to cut another 25% off the menu.

Anonymous said...

RMS killed the Angus & Selects and people do not come to McDonald's for a fruit & walnut salad