August 18, 2012

Restaurant Traffic Flat Through 2013?

Restaurant traffic loses momentum, will be flat through 2013 -


Anonymous said...

We need to look at the long term
impact and the cululative impact
of multiple large reinvestment
decisions such as MRP. When you
have organizations doing 3-4 MRPs
over a 3-4 year period the cash
flow and net equity of the
organization drops significantly.
We keep layering debt on top of debt.
If we are spending all of our cash
flow net equity is not growing.

Anonymous said...

Thus the carousel of reinvestment. Should you leave the lion's share equity remains in the system.

Richard Adams said...

That's the whole idea...your equity, your retirement is sucked up by their off-the-books REIT through the improvements you paid for on the McDonald's building.

Anonymous said...

We need to do a pre and post ROI on all initiatives to make sure that what we are doing is profitable and reaching the bottom line.