August 15, 2012

Feds to Inflate Meat Prices

Editorial from Washington Examiner


Anonymous said...

A minimum gross profit of 70% needs to be set as a mandatory target. No matter what the sales volume is. We don't want to hear, would you rather have 70% gross margin on a lower sales figure vs. 68% on higher sales?

Anonymous said...

RMS: take off the cuffs - let them analyze the entire menu and see what they come up with - at least from a research perspective.

Anonymous said...

RMS is not something Operators "buy" but not necessarily "buy into". Look at the number of Operators that subscribe vs how many actually implement the pricing recomendations as proposed. Why would there be such a huge disparity?

Richard Adams said...

Since the regional suits get graded on how many Operators are on RMS don't Operators succumb to the arm twisting and then not use the recommendations?

Kind of like buying an expensive espresso machine and then not selling very many espresso drinks?