August 18, 2012

Burger King Sells 121 Units to Franchisee

There are two reasons Burger King will not be a long term treat to McDonald's
or even Wendy's.

1) The franchisees keep getting larger and larger, operating hundreds of restaurants
spread over multiple states.

2) Burger King's investors are cutting the corporate side down to a husk.

In five years we will no longer be talking about Burger King as a major QSR player.

Burger King sells 121 units to franchisee |


Anonymous said...

We agree that BK will continue to downhill but in our market Wendy's is poised to fill the vacuum.

Anonymous said...

They are trying desperately. They have failed agin miserably at breakfast efforts, where they have done a good job is around the quality messaging in recent ad campaigns. Not sure if Wendy Thomas being thier spokesperson is actually helping or hurting on the nutritional front as she's not exactly the most fit.

Richard Adams said...

It's strange that they use the real Wendy and also an actress to play Wendy in other commercials. This would seem to indicate a dysfunction someplace in their marketing program.