October 30, 2010

Free Speech in McDonaldland?

Let's see - union thugs can spend the bulk of
their member's dues openly supporting the
election of union friendly politicians but a well
meaning American businessperson can't try
to educate his employees without it being called
a "threat"?

Somebody better call McDonald's Operator Paul
Siegfried and warn him that now he's outed
himself as a Republican the liberals who run
Oak Brook are coming to get him. Of course
Paul can try to save himself by matching Don
Thompson's $30,000 Obama contribution.

UPI article is HERE



Anonymous said...

Where in my License agreement does it say I cant give advice to my employees??? What law would be broken if I did?? Seigfreids already backed down.........sadly.

Anonymous said...

INDIVIDUALS can only donate $4600 per election cycle. THOMPSONS "contribution" was from McDonalds (OUR) Funds.

Anonymous said...

Republicans have a message for the businesses that worked closely with the Obama administration over the past two years on key controversial issues: We won't forget. Take the case of Wal-Mart, the behemoth big-box retailer that liberals have long loved to hate. Several years ago, it began to break ranks with industry groups by speaking out in favor of an increase to the minimum wage and health-care reform. And, for the first time in its history, it gave more money to Democrats than the GOP for Tuesday's elections. Hopefuuly Oak Brook will rue the day Thompson donated to anti business Obama.

Anonymous said...

Our funds are also misused by the McD PAC which gave contributions to politicians and political groups that are not business friendly. Also, why is it surprising that Don Thompson would contribute to Obama/Democrats: he has been an employee for many years; never ran his own business and runs a public company that has to get along with the Chicago/Illinois political machine.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to give to the MCPAC since it gives $$$ to lots of anti-business DemocRATS. I donate to the candidate directly.

Richard Adams said...

In my opinion you can't
expect the people who work
for any corporate entity
to share the political
views of entrepreneurial
business owners.

As for McDonald's employees - not a one of them has ever been in business or met a payroll. As big company bureaucrats they'll have far more in common with big government politicians than
free-market politicians.

To work for a franchise company one has to be a control freak and what better term describes today's liberal?