February 11, 2008

Rolling the Dice on CBI

When the NLC convened in Kansas City they
were shown five stores in which to study
CBI. I hope the members got out on their
own and visited other stores to see what's
really happening.

This kind of stagecraft brings back memories
of the 1986 Owner/Operator convention in
Las Vegas. The theme was "Operation Pride" -
a major remodel program. At the time the
Las Vegas market was 100% McOpCo so to sell
Operation Pride McDonald's Corp remodeled
many of the stores with various options and
conducted bus tours for convention attendees.

Problem was - McOpCo went broke doing the
remodels. Within a few years the market was
entirely refranchised - McOpCo was gone.

So it doesn't work to dummy-up a group of
stores with an ill advised initiative, no
matter how bad Oak Brook wants it.

A McOpCo market can go broke and McDonald's
survives. Not so with Owner/Operators.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully what happens in KC stays in KC!

Anonymous said...

NLC ENDORSED 100% the CBB plan. We have been sold out by our own.

Richard Adams said...

Personally I refuse to understand that line of thinking.

The NLC has no authority to
approve, disapprove, or sell
out anyone. The NLC's position
is purely political and their
endorsement does not mean that
any Co-Op anywhere has to
approve anything.

Unless there is a change in
the McDonald's franchise
agreement that I missed the
NLC's decisions carry no real clout.

As in many aspects of the
McDonald's franchise
relationship the NLC's
clout is imaginary and
nothing but an urban myth.

Anonymous said...

They have bred the wolf out of the dog. It will be the end of the system if oos don't work for a balance. It might be too late.

Anonymous said...

They can make us put in some of the equipment but they can't make us vote to spend our ad money on these drinks.