December 6, 2007

What McDonald's Real Estate?

Shareholder Bill Ackman has sold his huge interest in
McDonald's. What isn't being covered by the press is that
Ackman was originally interested in the McDonald's real
estate empire but he eventually got educdated to the fact
that McDonald's doesn't own as much of the real estate as
investors think.

Once an investor learns about System Capital Corporation
they lose interest in that side of the McDonald's equation.

Crain's Article HERE



Anonymous said...

as Greenberg grins.................

Anonymous said...

Is this why our rents are so high?

Anonymous said...

You would not believe the condition of the MCOPCOs that are being sold. Have these stores ever seen an FOR? The company is dropping the sales prices and raising the rents! Some of the new owners have talked to me about missing equipment, crew sizes of 20, no store manager, And of course NO DOUBLE STANDARD!